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Laundry, Automation & Monetization

The ultimate solution for Property owners

Replacing your coin operated machines with a seamless software solution not only improves your NOI, and reduces the Opex on shared laundry facilities, but its also enhances the rentability of your property. Let's face it, residents expect smart technology and modern amenities.  Washlava makes it simple, affordable and easy to upgrade your facility.

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—Drive revenue, not costs

Increase Revenue Per Load

Start Growing Fast:  Increase Monthly Revenue 50% YoY!

  • Seamless mobile payments
  • No more failed payments
  • More Cycles per Day
  • Optimize price per load

Reduce Operating Expenses

Technoloy lowers opex.

  • Buy or Lease Machines
  • Demand-based pricing
  • Higher machine Uptime
  • World class Partnerships

Increase Rentability of Your Property

Users prefer Washlava to coin payments 12 to 1!

  • Seamless mobile payments
  • No more failed payments
  • More Cycles per day
  • Optimize Pricing Per hour

Washlava is powered by scalable software

A scalable solution that can move beyond laundry. The Washlava Hardware seamlessly integrates with our mobile application which has utility for property owners beyond laundry. The Washlava application also manages access, communication, and payments. Allowing Property owners to to improve their smart tech stack with a singular solution. Owners prefer Washlava because it allows them to do more in the future.

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The Internet of Things Laundry Experience

Washlava’s patented laundry technology platform manages the end-to-end experience for both business owners and their customers, creating a network of shared laundry centers that benefit from unprecedented features.

Seamless Mobile Payments

Accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and pre-paid cards. You’ll see deposits in your bank account as soon as the next business day.

Access Your Laundry Room’s Performance In Real-Time

The DRIVE portal lets you see machine status, adjust vend rates, reservation time and more in real-time. Apply instant customer refunds and manage employees through the attendant app.

More Than Just a Payment Solution

Washlava provides 24/7 support to owners and end users, shows real-time data for more informed business decisions, and grants a lifetime warranty on its technology.