Get the shared laundry center technology that lets you ditch quarters, reach more customers and start growing fast.
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So far, Washlava is the laundry standard on 67 Universities properties and counting!

Laundry, Automation & Monetization

Customizable & Flexible Options

Each University has a unique student population, budget and brand.  Therefore, solutions are designed for 1-to-1 with white-label solutions, and flexible payment options.

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The Internet of Things Laundry Experience

Washlava’s patented laundry technology platform manages the end-to-end experience for both business owners and their customers, creating a network of shared laundry centers that benefit from unprecedented features.

Seamless Mobile Payments

Accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and pre-paid cards. You’ll see deposits in your bank account as soon as the next business day.

Access Your Laundry Room’s Performance In Real-Time

The DRIVE portal lets you see machine status, adjust vend rates, reservation time and more in real-time. Apply instant customer refunds and manage employees through the attendant app.

More Than Just a Payment Solution

Washlava provides 24/7 support to owners and end users, shows real-time data for more informed business decisions, and grants a lifetime warranty on its technology.