Why Washlava?

Washlava was created on the idea of an upgraded laundry experience powered by state of the art mobile and wireless technology. Smart phones, no quarters, no waiting, no hassle.
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The Washlava Story

Like many great stories, Washlava was born out of necessity. Our story is not unique. But when our store was robbed and thousands of dollars in quarters were strewn across the parking lot, we decided to do something. All that change had to change. We are on a mission to elevate the laundry experience for property owners, route operators, and universities

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More Than Just a Cash Problem

When we looked at switching the business from quarters and cash, we realized that cash wasn’t the only problem that needed solving. We wanted to be able to manage and grow our business using cutting edge technologies found in other applications. More importantly, we knew our customers deserved a better, safer, more convenient experience. To do that, we needed to build more than just a payment platform. We needed to build app-enabled Internet of Things technology that our customers could use to control laundry equipment and manage their laundry experience.